Since 2013 Natasha Martin has explored lean, sophisticated design by engaging in the art of asking why? Questioning to understand; utilizing understanding to contemplate what is possible; daring to manifest a new kind of “possible”—this is what Natasha believes in.

A savant of simplicity and design thinking, Natasha has established herself in the corporate world as an effective root problem solver. She thoroughly assesses all angles from back-end bottlenecks to front-end UX flow to design efficient, scalable solutions. Her creative endeavor, natvsha, specializes in high-end strategy, visual, and editorial design for entrepreneurs. Natasha’s design process includes a strong focal emphasis on form, function, and flow to create evocative experiences. White space and a steadfast approach to sustainable outcomes underscore her signature aesthetic and design methodology. Through clear communication and an unyielding devotion to forward-looking innovation Natasha designs solutions that are useful, beautiful, and intuitive.